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Exertus Management Ltd is a company specialised in executing businesses with crude oil and petroleum products as well as providing business consultancy within the Oil Industry for SME sector. A strong SME sector is vital for a healthy market economy and fundamental for economic growth in all countries. An increase in collaboration between big companies and middle-sized and small companies will create large contributions and bring added values and higher employment to a country as a whole.

Facilitating and Executing Business Transactions with Petroleum Products

  • Co-operating with highly rated companies matching buyer’s demand with possible supply. Both sides conditions must be taken into consideration.
  • Efficiently solving problems regarding all aspects of logistics – material, information, finance – that need to be addressed and upgraded continuously.

Business Consulting

  • Providing thorough analysis of your business strategies.
  • Improving your communication skills and reducing information overflow.
  • Assessing risk levels and controlling the risk while capitalizing on the opportunities.
  • Identifying and managing the risk of crime and fraud in Oil Trade Business.

about us.

Exertus Management Ltd primary sphere of activities are business consultancy, facilitation and execution of businesses with LNG, crude oil and petroleum products. Our brokerage business dates back 25+ years and is today built on genuine co-operation with a number of highly rated and professional companies in the Oil Industry. Our Consultancy business dates back 35+ years. The emphasis is on the importance of correct information and good communication skills coupled with modern business tools as a key to new business possibilities. We focus mainly on building up businesses between big oil companies and small and middle sized companies in the Oil Industry.

Our main mission is to stimulate and provide approaches that go beyond borders. Only recent years have proven that main-stream-thinking-and-acting could be very risky. Therefore, every single company must create – based on their own business ideas and resources – values that are of interest for their clients. Everybody must learn from competition and realize the importance of being well-informed and prepared to take the next step. Our business target is to exceed our clients’ expectations regarding ideas and results. It is important to co-operate and understand each other how to work in today’s volatile environment. However, it is also very important to be prepared for new challenges and find workable solutions in order to be part of tomorrow’s even more competitive market place.


Peter C Bratt has spent more than 45 years in business. From working with IBM in the 70-ties, acting as a Management Consultant specialised in business development during more than 30 years, introduced to the Oil Industry in the early 80-ties and today working with top Managers in some Oil Companies in Europe and Africa.

In 1983 Mr. Bratt was introduced to the CEO of Conoco in Scandinavia and about the same time he has been working with a Swedish Oil Trader as well as with Statoil (today Equinor). From the 90-ties Mr. Bratt has been involved in crude oil transactions together with oil traders in London.

Mr Bratt is working with the Mission to cross borders and take advantage of Information Technology and Global Management Skills. The Vision is that BUSINESS can be the tool for harmony and balance on the world stage.

Parallel with oil business – during the 80-ties and 90-ties – Mr. Bratt was asked to lead some high-profile management projects – some spanned over  several years – with many well known Swedish companies. Among others;

  •       Swedish Telecom
  •       Swedish PostGirot (today PlusGirot)
  •       IFL – Swedish Management Institute (today SSE Executive Education)

Mr. Bratt holds an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Mr. Bratt has been promoting different cultural events for a number of years and has been president for a non-profit children’s organization  in Stockholm associated with UNESCO.

Our Primary Sphere of Activities.

Facilitating and Executing Business Transactions

We are primarily working with matching demand inquiries with what different sellers can offer. We have been involved in LNG, crude oil and petroleum products like fuel oil, gas oil of different qualities and – from time to time – special products like base oil, paraffin, and special oil products.

Some questions are always present;
1. Is the inquiry from a Buyer a real inquiry or only a test inquiry?
2. Does the Seller really have the goods offered?
3. How big is the business chain? Too many middlemen make a business very
difficult – if not impossible – to complete.
4. Is the procedure realistic to work with or not?
5. What about the issue with Proof of Product and Proof of Funds?
6. Is Due Diligence necessary and if so – regarding both parties?

If you look for answers to those questions, then you have come to the right place. We are certainly connecting people in the Oil Industry. Contact us to find out more.

Business Consultancy

The business strategy of Exertus Management Ltd. is based on knowledge and experience from how SME companies in the Oil Industry have been and are operating on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves to follow and apply the state-of-the-art development in the areas of logistics, financial solutions and new management concepts used within the Oil Industry and we attend on a regular basis OPEC meetings in Vienna, Austria.

We can assist you in your efforts to optimize how to work with information as part of communication. The leading principle in all businesses is to work with the correct information in relation to time, place and contents as part of a successful communication strategy. Our Business portfolio focuses on developing information & communication processes as an integral part of a total Business Management.

We assume that a serious company in the Oil Industry is working with the right products and services and also takes care of product and service development.

Ask yourself any of the following questions:
1. Are your offers leading to a business conclusion?
2. Why is an offer not acceptable for a buyer?
3. Why is an offer inquiry successful or not?
4. Are you working in the same way as 1 year ago or 5 years ago regarding offers or offer inquiries?
5. Do you mention all relevant details in an offer or offer inquiry?
6. Or do you – on purpose – leave some details out to test the other party?
7. Do you work with a certain risk level? Or not?
8. Have you defined what you mean by risk?

If one or more of these questions remain unanswered then let us assist you in finding out the reason behind it and make your business a success.


Crude Oil

Unrefined petroleum


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas, cooled down to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport.

Gas Oil

A type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum and heavier than paraffin oil


Automotive Gas Oil, a fuel type that's used by road vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, vans, and the like) that are powered by DIESEL engines

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We understand your requirements and provide quality assistance

Business Growth

In order to expand your business you need market penetration, product development, market expansion and diversification. We can assist you to develop those crucial strategies.


Eliminating Risks

We have vast experience in recognizing pitfalls, assessing risk levels and controlling the risk while capitalizing on the opportunities


Providing Solutions

Regarding all aspects of logistics – material, information, finance – that need to be addressed and upgraded continuously.

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